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water filter price in Kerala | Most popular water filters in Kerala

water filter price in Kerala

Homemade water purifier or necessity

In this article, we are going to discuss the issue of whether it is necessary to provide a home-based water purifier for domestic use, whether it is luxury or a futile task, and that additional costs are imposed on the family. We also want to answer the most basic questions about the domestic water treatment plant such as:

  Unless the water organization does not process water

  The water organization uses water treatment methods

  The probability of any contamination in the water pipe

  What does not need to be refined by a domestic water purifier

  How to use the water purifier for water purification

  The domestic water purifier is capable of removing what kind of contaminants

water filter price in Kerala| Most popular water filters in Kerala

best water filter suppliers in Kerala

best water filter suppliers in Keralawater filtring system

To answer the questions above, the water and sewage treatment plant is to be cleaned and the plumbing water in our homes is refined by the organization, but the water purified by the water organization It is a method that first physically decomposes solid and solid particles by filters and rubbers. In the next step, adding chlorine to water removes germs, bacteria and parasites from the water and purifies the water in this way.

The amount of chlorine added to water is usually more than the amount that should be added to the water, because of the fact that if it is in the direction of the transfer of water from the treatment plants to the polluting houses in the transit route, this amount of excess chlorine is lost And the water is purified and otherwise chlorine is left in the water that we mention in the chlorine disruption section.

Now, according to the questions stated, these questions should be answered that after water treatment by the water organization, there is no need to re-water the water by the domestic water purifier.

most popular water filter brands in Kerala

most popular water filter brands in Kerala water filter companies

In answering this question, it should be stated that it is true that the water organization, in the abovementioned manner, purifies the water, and the water outlet is clear and clear in this method, but this water is still in terms of salts (minerals), hardness and It is not heavy to use because by removing and adding chlorine, there is no change in the amount of minerals and water hardness, as well as the elimination of water soluble impurities such as nitrate and nitrite as well as other pollutants.

Because most of the water used in the home is for various parts, including washing clothes and utensils, bathing, irrigation of flowers and plants, and the water consumption for each person is approximately equal to 600 liters per day, and only less From 3 liters for drinking. As a result, the use of modern water purification methods in urban wastewater treatment plants is not necessary, and also due to the high costs that new water purification methods have for water treatment, including reverse osmosis water purification ( Ro) is not used.

where to buy water filter in Kerala?

where to buy water filter in Kerala?water filter suppliers

First stage water purifier filter (polypropylene filter)

The water purification filter is the first stage of a domestic water purifier made of polypropylene (pp), and is capable of removing mud, sand, sandstone, and all suspended particles in water up to 5 microns in diameter. This filter for water purification It is white in color and turns yellow when it removes contaminants from the water, which indicates the replacement time of the polypropylene water purifier filter. Usually, the best time to switch this filter is between 1 and 2 months after installation. Of course, the replacement time depends on the amount of water contaminated in each area and causes a change in the time of switching the domestic water purifier filter, so the exact time of switching the filter Water will be different according to the input device.

The timing of this water filter will prevent potential water damage from filters to the next stages of the domestic water purifier.

Second stage water filter filter (UDF filter)

This water purification filter has been introduced as an active carbon filter, filtered water filter and activated carbon filter. The contents of this filter are collected in a container. The active carbon-activated carbon filter has very fine pores, which, if we look at it with a microscope, has a hole and a tensile. The active carbon filter is used in the second stage of the domestic water purifier. It is interesting to note that in industrial water treatment systems, coal is treated as an active carbon-based water purifier and in a domestic water purifier of coconut oil as a filter Activated carbonic water purifier is used that is perfectly sanitary and is suitable for domestic and drinking purposes. The active carbon filter is used to remove the bad color and odor of the water, remove the active chlorine in water and the tea to bring opacity. Indeed The active carbon-filtering water filter absorbs the water in the first, and then it drains out.

The best time to replace this water purification filter is between 3 and 4 months.

water filter price list in Kerala

water filter price list in KeralaSecond stage filter filter (carbon block filter)

The domestic water purification filter is a third step called the carbon block (CTO) and acts like a second-stage water purification filter (active carbon filter), and in fact some other chemicals and chlorine residues that are very harmful to membrane filters Eliminates the flavor and color of the water. The change of filter for water purification is the third step, the carbon blocker filter usually takes from 5 months to 6 months.

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