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water filter price Philippines | High Quality Water Filter Suppliers In Philippines

water filter price philippines

It is certain that your main goal was to buy a water purifier, raise the level of health and quality of your drinking water and your family. Providing safe and healthy drinking water is the most important thing to expect from a water purifier. But do you know that if the device filters are not replaced in time, the device is no longer able to produce healthy and safe drinking water?

In laboratory tests, it has been observed that most filters have lost their purification capacity even before they reach the expiration date. If you do not replace them with new filters after the filters expire, in addition to disrupting the refined water process, the device components as well as the filters will be damaged that will cost you more and you will also get low quality water and Sometimes you will get infected.

Therefore, in order to maintain the health of the water and optimize the use of the device, pay attention to the timely replacement of the filters.

water filter price Philippines | High Quality Water Filter Suppliers In Philippines

common water filtration systems in Philippines

common water filtration systems in Philippines water purifiers philippines

How does a domestic water purifier work?

The reverse osmosis water purifier, which is the best water treatment method, is installed under the sink and a separate water purifier tap on the sink is for your loved ones to use clean and refined drinking water. These devices include several stages of the domestic water purifier filter. Often, the 6-stage water purifier, 7-stage water purifier and 8-stage water purifier are supplied and sold to the water purification market. . The first phase filter removes coarse copper and water deposits. The second and third stage water purification filters remove chlorine and chlorine from urban water. Reverse Osmosis Membrane Filter The fourth step is the ability to remove all harmful water spills to 0.0001 microns and in the fifth step, the odor, taste and color of fresh water are also found. The mineralization filter, which must be present in the device, returns to the water useful mineral salts that have been removed during the purification of drinking water, and the seventh stage is also an alkaline filter of drinking water, which is considered a very strong antioxidant or anticancer. Gets

most efficient types of water filters

most efficient types of water filters

What is water purification?

Water purification generally means cleaning of water from various types of salts; now, this water purification is carried out only for washing and other things than drinking and drinking the human body, such as transforming salt water into desalinating water by various types of industrial water desalination plants And semi-industrial. Urban refineries will also convert groundwater by chlorine and dispose of sand and pebbles to drinking water in the city and lead to plumbing. But so far, drinking water is not so clean and clean. After chlorination to water, steps should be taken to remove chlorine from the water, as chlorine itself, in the presence of parasitizing water, will cause hair loss and wrinkles on the skin. Other particles that will not be removed in urban refineries are aluminum that will cause Alzheimer’s in the human body, as well as the most harmful particles in drinking water, which should reach its lowest level nitrate, and a domestic water purifier should be able to To remove nitrate to be considered the best water purifier.

high quality water filter suppliers in Philippines

high quality water filter suppliers in Philippines water filter suppliers philippines

Polypropylene Filter (PP): The first stage filter is made of polypropylene and can remove all deposits, sand, mud, rust tubes, sludge, suspended particles up to a precision of 5 microns from drinking water, and time to change It is between 3 and 6 months.


Granular Carbon Filter (UDF or GAC): This home-made water purification filter is made of carbonaceous material and is able to remove free chlorine, agricultural pesticides, trihalomethanes, flavor, unpleasant odor and water color, and the replacement time every six months.

Block Carbon Filter (CTO):

This household water purifier filter is similar to Granular Carbon, plus removes all particles larger than 5 microns. Change time every six months.

average price range of water filters in Philippines

average price range of water filters in Philippines

water filter manufacturers philippines

Membrane Filter: This filter performs the reverse osmosis process and eliminates heavy salts and harmful salts, nitrates and nitrites, arsenic, bacteria, viruses, parasites, cysts, fungi, all types of microbes, detergents, pesticides, toxins, Lead, mercury, turning salty water into fresh water and lowering the toughness of water. Change time every two years.

Post Carbon Filter: This filter removes any kind of flavor and odor caused by water storage in the device’s reservoir. The time for this filter to change is once a year.

Mineral Filter: This filter is in the sixth step and adds the mineral to the water after complete refinement to water and makes it garner.

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